ABI Investments LLC


ABI Investments LLC


Developers in MI, IL, MO and TN

For over 5 years, Nadav and Yoav have been specializing in the improvement of income-producing  properties in the residential sector in targeted high-potential areas throughout the US. The company, based in IL employs over 40 hand-picked professionals and contractors, who improve dozens of properties per year.

Yoav and Nadav, entrepreneurs  through and through, have studied and analyzed  the real estate market, hands on from the field. They‘ve established robust business ties with major players in the respective markets, have developed a deep understanding of the market  and have comprehensive knowledge of the  U.S. real-estate laws and regulations.

Our Story & Experience Cont.

180+ Livable Spaces

100+ Projects

6+ Years

6+ Years | 100+ Projects | 180+ Livable Spaces

  • Developing multiple projects in a wide spectrum of neighborhoods across the United States.

    Detroit, Nashville, Chicago, Kansas City and more.

  • We handle larges volumes of projects efficiently and to the highest standards of construction & renovation.

  • We specialize in family properties, with a focus on purchasing, rehabbing & selling.

  • Our Multi-family experience has been renovating over 5 buildings, totaling 100+ units, creating a new standard of rental living space

  • We currently manage 4 buildings, totaling over 100 rental units

Nashville - highlight Properties

831 Summerly Dr, Nashville

3101 Vanderbilt Pl, Nashville

815 Cammack Ct, Nashville

Detroit - Highlight Properties

7478 Woodrow Wilson St, Detroit

8530 LA SALLE Boulevard, Detroit

17194 WARRINGTON Drive, Detroit

Chicago - highlight Properties

5841 W Byron St, Chicago

6546 N Oshkosh Ave, Chicago

3145 Toulon Dr, Northbrook

Kansas - highlight Properties

3729 N Walnut St, Kansas City

6714 NW Lawson Ln, Parkville

227 W 62nd St, Detroit







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